Saulkrasti region education development concept


As a result of a procurement procedure and within the framework of the project “Saulkrasti region education development concept 2016- 2025” (hereinafter – the Concept) regional council of Saulkrasti involved Dynamic University with the aim to develop the Concept.  The goal of the concept was to ensure long term joint, qualitative and accessible educational services in the Saulkrasti region, by providing efficient and effective management of the human, material, infrastructure and financial resources.


In order to identify the current situation and the potential challenges for the successful implementation of the Saulkrasti region education development concept 2016 – 2025 interviews, visits and work groups were organized. Fallowing steps were carried out in order to evaluate the regional education system:

  • Document analysis of state and regional education policy plans, summary of relevant information and conclusions;
  • Data processing and mathematical analysis on the count and dispersion of pre-school, school-age and young residents;
  • The evaluation of the educational institution network and infrastructure, as well as conducting a survey of the educational institutions and performing an analysis of the publicly available information;
  • Human resource provision analysis using the available documents and data obtained during interviews and mathematical modelling;
  • Material resource provision analysis performed by looking at the data obtained during visits and other freely accessible information;
  • Analysis of the regional education system management analysis, that was based on the results of the interviews and the information gathered from other regional councils regarding their experience with education system management;
  • The management of work groups and gathering of the acquired information, or the purpose of evaluating the educational system in the region and ensuring innovation within the educational system supported by the new concept.

At the final stage of the project the primary goal of the Saulkrasti education system was defined closely collaborating with the work groups and industry specialists. The development processes of the offer for the educational programme and the education development concept of the Saulkrasti region 2016- 2025 were finalized, including the analysis of the possible scenarios and their influence on the education quality and efficiency. Alongside the list of the possible scenarios and their analysis, our company also ensured support for the public discussion, such as collecting the acquired information and presenting the results for the work groups and the regional council of Saulkrasti, taking into consideration the potential influence of the Concept on the region’s educational quality, availability and efficiency.